As soon as You have decided to get Mercurius or Mercurius light, please send us your order to

You will be sent a download link (or the CD). After installing the software, you have to send us the Activation Code displayed by Mercurius. As soon as we got your payment, you will get your user name and serial number. You can activate Mercurius on two computers. If you want to use it on more than two computers, you need to buy extra activations.

Because of software-piracy no demo version is available anymore. Mercurius light is no longer available.

Mercurius Full version costs € 500.-

Students of the Academia Astrologiae, the Academia de Estudos Astrologicos, John Frawley, Oscar Hofman, George van Zanten and Jacqueline Brook get 10 % off.

We know that this price is comparatively high, but you will get features here which are not available in any other astrology programme. It is designed for quick and reliable professional work. Updates are for free. This ensures you always have the most recent version of the programme without further costs.

Please keep an eye on the update page to ensure you always have the newest version installed! Same price since 2007!

Windows Vista Users: Sometimes an error occurs during installation. A certain folder can't be found. Just click on the "Browse" button and select any temporary folder you like. After that, the installation will continue perfectly.

Order your private license here: